Opal VS Myki

What is an Opal and Myki card? Both cards are smart card tickets that you use to travel on the public transport by loading value/money onto it. So which one is better? New South Wales’ (NSW) Opal card or Victoria’s (VIC) Myki card? Whether you live in NSW or VIC, I think both cards are pretty much […]

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The White Night Festival

It was 20th of February 2016, the night we met up with friends from Sydney in Federation Square. We had only been in Melbourne approximately four weeks and didn’t know what was on around town. So our kind roomie Dave that we met at the Airbnb we were staying at the time, recommended that we […]

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Queen Victoria Night Market

Last Wednesday we were able to finally go to the Queen Victoria Night Markets. I’m so glad we were able to go at least once because yesterday was the last night until the night markets is back on later this year. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it at first, as I haven’t been […]

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Hostel VS Airbnb

One of the great things about travelling is the experience of living and thinking outside the box in getting to our destinations or simply just being able to enjoy the road ahead. I would say this highly applies to choosing the type of accommodation. Obviously if didn’t have to consider living on a shoestring budget and […]

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Melbourne it’s only been two weeks but I absolutely love you!

Melbourne I absolutely love you! There is music playing everywhere which always keeps me entertained especially on a Monday morning. The photo above was taken when I was walking around one of the laneways in Melbourne after my interview. I know there’s buskers everywhere around the world but Melbourne just seems to do it right. I noticed that their […]

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