The wheel keeps turning

Geelong VIC (photo taken by Autumn Beats)

It’s been a year since we relocated to Melbourne. One year! I can’t believe it! It feels like we just arrived a month ago.

We have done so many things in one year compared to when we used to live in Sydney, in fact we have visited more museums, checked out numerous galleries, have been sightseeing, have eaten out at a greater number of restaurants and have probably been to more beaches in one month than we have done in one year back in Sydney – and Sydney is renowned for their great beaches.

I must admit I miss Sydney especially now that it’s summer. I miss our families and our friends that we have left behind. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we stayed in Sydney? Would we still be doing the same things? In saying this, I have to keep reminding myself the main reason why we left to give Melbourne a go.

This move has brought back memories of when we left the Philippines to migrate to Australia more than 20 years ago. The feeling of excitement of the things to come and the sadness that comes with it leaving the familiar place we call home.

Whatever the reason is for migrating to a different country or even to a different state, leaving family, relatives and friends behind is never easy. Settling in and accepting that you now have a new home away from home where you can’t just drive down the road to hang with family and friends is just as hard.

When I come to think of it, my parents did it, they packed their bags and left their homeland to migrate to a completely new country. My hubby and I are only one hour away by plane, however the sentiment is still the same nonetheless.

It feels like the wheel is turning again and I’m going through the same motion except this time as an adult not as a child, making my own decisions and not my parents doing it for me.  It feels like another chance at creating new memories again just like what I had to do when I was growing up in Sydney. I know there will  still be setbacks as life is never perfect and I know it will take time to build friendships or relationships just like how it did when I was growing up in Sydney, but I feel optimistic because I’ve been able to do it before. I know the wheel will keep turning as I know it always did for us when we  were in Sydney.

As much as we would all like to stay in the same place and be with the same people to celebrate only the good times, the wheel keeps turning, life goes on. We can’t keep dwelling on the past and wishing for things to stay the same, that’s just not how the wheel of life is. Whether we stay in one place or not, things change regardless. The wheel keeps turning.

Until next time,

Autumn Beats.

6 thoughts on “The wheel keeps turning

  1. Life is a wheel, each revolution life brings something new, this journey I am glad that it is with you 🙂

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