Sculptures amongst the Dandenongs


Have you ever felt like you needed to be “arty” to walk into an art gallery?

Growing up, I never really saw myself as an artist not did I ever do well in painting or drawing or even creating sculptures. So the thought of going into an art gallery felt like I needed to have a bigger purpose such as a planned excursion rather than simply appreciating art. I always felt like I was never “arty” enough to boast about appreciating beautiful artwork even though I’ve always admired the beauty of art.

I appreciate the beauty: whether it’s architecture, paintings, sculptures or different  styles of photography. I guess you can call me “a timid lover of art”.


Now that we’re living in Melbourne, I feel that it makes it easier for people like myself to be exposed to more creativity and beautiful artwork without having to be put into a box that you’re “arty”. I love feeling this way because I think art is for everyone and is equally appreciated by people from different career backgrounds.

One example is William Ricketts Sanctuary that Symon and I stumbled across while driving around the Dandenong Ranges. The sanctuary is an outdoor gallery showcasing William Rickett’s sculptures capturing the essence of Rickett’s connection with the aboriginal people, culture and the environment.

As I walked amongst the park surrounded by fern trees, I was in awe of his sculptures carved into the rocks and felt so connected with nature. The park is perfect for a quiet reflection whilst appreciating and understanding the realities portrayed by his sculptures.


Until next time,

Autumn Beats.

2 thoughts on “Sculptures amongst the Dandenongs

  1. What a great find! I often find art galleries are too snooty, and sometimes I don’t think the pieces should even be in there. But these sculptures are amazing, and in such a great backdrop.

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