Music will always be the heart and soul of Melbourne

At Federation Square – Main Stage


We were taking my family around Melbourne on a cold winter night, it was slightly drizzling  and while we were walking from Crown Casino, we could hear music playing from a distance. Not having a clue to what was happening in the city that evening but the closer we got to Federation Square the more my ears filled with soul music and excitement.

My head was noddin’ to the beat of the drums and the groove of the bass, soon enough we knew we were in for a treat despite the cold weather. We hurried our way to Fed Square and there it was a full band performing an array of hip hop and RnB music to the public for free.

Though the instrumentals were covers that most people (those that love hip hop and rnb) knew, these artists are that good-it was like watching an international act holding a free concert for everyone-who knows? they probably were international acts  and I didn’t even know.

At Crown Casino – Lobby

Prior to seeing the band at Fed Square jam out to soul music, my brother, hubby and I was chilling out in the lobby of the Crown Casino while the real adults were playing the pokies.

While we sat  in “The Waiting Room” sipping our tea and coffee and devouring delectable desserts, music was playing in the background with just the pianist and the singer with her shaker. There’s just something about the sound of the piano playing and the singer singing in the background-I’m not sure what it is, but I find it so soothing and calming.

The Waiting Room is definitely one of the best places to hang if you’re not keen to have a full meal at the casino and still enjoy the classy ambience of Crown Casino.

Bastian Killjoy at Grumpy’s Green

For those not keen to sip on tea or coffee, Melbourne has an array of live music venues and Grumpy’s Green is one the places to visit if you want good live music.

The photos above were taken at Grumpy’s for the Young Diggers Dog Squad Charity Event who’s musical line up was helped organised by one of Australia’s talented hip hop artist – Saki.

Tahu Dubs at Grumpy’s – For the Young Diggers Dog Squad Charity Event


Transform MC at Grumpy’s – For the Young Diggers Dog Squad Charity Event

So there’s no excuse for hibernating in winter. There’s plenty of events to go to, and if it’s too cold to go to Fed Square, then head into one of the live music bars in Melbourne to warm up your souls with live music coupled with your favourite alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages.

If strong alcohol is not your preferred choice, then The Waiting Room  would be the place for soothing jazz combined with desserts, tea, coffee or maybe even champagne if you prefer.

Whether you’re out and about in Melbourne for other reasons, just like us, you will most likely stumble across music when you’re least expecting it: music will always be the heart and soul of Melbourne.


Until next time,

Autumn Beats



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