A city that cultivates individuality and style

High Point Shopping Centre

(Photo by High Point Shopping Centre)

I can  truly testify to the statement that Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia.

This is simply because Melbourne showcases so many more different varieties in fashion items whether by the major fashion retailers or the independent emerging designers. They truly cultivate and support individuality and style whether you prefer the bohemian look, urban wear or high end fashion style. Everywhere you look, there’s no stock standard style where you’ll feel left out if you looked different from the rest. In fact looking different from everyone else is encouraged and supported.

In addition to their array of styles, they also seem to constantly have sales on – it’s endless!

One of the sales I truly enjoy is when they have an even bigger sale for one day in addition to all the other sales – example, High Point’s Shopping Day where the entire shopping centre will open from 9am to 10pm. This is not even their shopping night which is on Thursday and Friday.

We’ve been to one of these shopping days and I must admit it felt like Christmas and a massive festival inside a shopping centre. There were DJs everywhere spinning the decks from the food court to some of the most sought after fashion retailers. There were events for kids and families.

So if you want some serious shopping with so much more variety in style, selections at a good price with a touch of entertainment, Melbourne is the place to go!

Until next time,

Autumn Beats


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