So how cold does Melbourne really get?

When we first relocated to Melbourne, it was in the beginning of autumn and the weather was bliss! I don’t know what other people are going on about Melbourne having four seasons in one day and how it’s always colder than Sydney, but I absolutely love the fresh and mild autumn weather all day long. I couldn’t even fathom how cold it could possibly get.

My family, friends and colleagues and my husband’s colleagues at work have all warned us of the cold winter months in Melbourne. Apparently, it’s dark, cold and really depressing. A client even mentioned to me over the phone that she left Melbourne specifically for that reason.

I begin to wonder, how cold can Melbourne really get? My imagination is running wild with blizzards and snow storms throughout winter now. Surely it can’t get that cold?

Fast forward to mid Autumn, I met a nice lady from work who was originally from Sydney – (in fact she was from – Parramatta!) So I asked her; “how cold does Melbourne really get?” and she responded “oh, it gets really really cold” so of course I asked if there were blizzards and snow storms? She responded that it wasn’t quite blizzards and snow storms but when she told me it was as cold as the Blue Mountains during the winter months, I knew without any further doubts..yep that’s cold!

We always go to the Blue Mountains in winter whenever we had relatives from the Philippines as the Blue Mountains was our usual tourist spot aside from taking them to the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House – I still remember trying to walk up the steps all the way to the top to see the “three sisters” and it was that cold that I couldn’t feel my feet and my knees were shaking from the cold, I can’t remember if it was because I wasn’t wearing the right winter clothing or if it was just really that cold.

Then just my luck, two days after being told that it was as cold as the Blue Mountains, I had my first taste of the cold Melbourne weather – it’s not even winter season yet! It was that cold that I had to wear my beret, hooded jumper and hooded puffer vest just to stay warm. Thank goodness I had my beret in my bag and decided to wear a hooded jumper and hooded puffer vest to work. Not exactly a very corporate attire but the hoodies were the first  outfits I saw and decided to stick with it since I didn’t have time to mix and match my outfit.

As you can see in my photo below, it was cold!

2016-05-12 20.58.05

So this post is a shout out to all my family, friends, colleagues and randoms on the street that has warned me of the cold Melbourne weather and doubted your warning! I believe every single one of you now and accept that Melbourne really does get cold!

I’m now preparing myself for the cold winter months that’s yet to come. I still haven’t experienced the “four seasons in one day” business though, but I guess I’ll experience it soon enough.

Until next time,

Autumn Beats.



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